People Philosophy

TimeLinks has always followed its own unique approach to the Retail Industry and these have proven to be highly successful thus far. This uniqueness speaks loudest through the distinctive work environment that has been created, starting right at the recruitment strategy. At a time when tremendously high attrition rates were part of the package in recruiting for Retail, we turned the tables by looking actively for qualified people, especially women, to join our company. The gains have been far more than satisfactory and most of our people have been with us for over a decade…a rare occurrence indeed in this industry..

The organization takes great pride in its people and ensures that the HR is around the time tested, uniquely developed 4E model. ENLIGHTEN, ENGAGE, ENABLE & EXCITE are the key components of the 4E model, which has actually been a game changer for us over the years.

Unique training methodologies like fun activities, magic shows and outbound training motivate employees, encourage them to deliver their best. As a result, TimeLinks employees have won numerous ‘Best CRO’ and ‘Best Showroom Manager’ awards. They are also rewarded for their hard work with incentives, bonuses and even being sponsored for trips overseas as a reward for achieving their target. TimeLinks strives to make each day a new opportunity for its employees to learn, experience and live the joy of retailing! We believe we can further harness the vast potential of our people in ways that will make them more fulfilled as professionals.